Carolyne and Jules

Proment is a company that has proven itself. These people are reliable, have a strong expertise and take their projects to heart. For them, customer satisfaction is important.

Carolyne and Jules

Proment Corporation is one of the best construction company in Montreal if not in Canada,they have always been very good down to the detail of creating beautiful integrated communities like Les sommets,Le Vistal and now the Pointe-Nord project.

Every project Proment builds is always so nice and well thought of, I always tell my friends that if you buy a condo from Proment, just sign the offer and give them the deposit and wait for your beautiful home to be deliver and you will not be disappointed, you will have your nice condo living better than you can imagine.

Alicia and Denis

Ana Rita and Étienne

The number of years of experience and the excellent reputation of Proment put us in confidence from the start. In addition we saw earlier luxurious projects from Proment which assured us of a well done and upscale job.

Ana Rita and Étienne